We are a creative design and marketing agency based in Reading and Bristol. We love helping businesses develop and implement strategic marketing and communication programmes that connect their promise with the expectations of their customers.

We have a wide range of skills and can take on any size of project. We will put together the right team, overseeing all creation, production, logistics and implementation. Our experience extends beyond key communication and marketing needs to include: marketing and brand strategy, business and team development, graphic design, web, commercial interior design, photography and video.


General Enquiries:
+44 207 193 7707

Arthur op den Brouw,

Founder / Creative Director

Arthur op den Brouw has extensive experience, skills and know-how of design, marketing communication and sales across a wide range of media. His passion for working in the innovation sector led him to increasingly focus on sustainability and green tech issues. 

As an early adopter of the Internet, Arthur offers marketing consultancy and mentoring as well as sales and branding tools and strategies for businesses that seek to make the best use of web-enabled technologies.  His core passion is for helping to create clearly branded and profitable businesses. 

In 2007 Arthur had the privilege to be mentored by brand guru Wally Olins, and also says he owes much of his unique view on branding to the psychology and executive coaching professions.

CONTACT ARTHUR IN READING: +44 7776 230 950 or art@connexxions.me

Personal creative portfolio

Derek Chapman,

Senior Graphic Designer

Derek has creative flair, up-to-date knowledge of industry software and a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines. He works on a variety of products and activities such as websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, computer games, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications and brand identity.

Derek & Arthur first met in 1988 when they both worked for one of Oxford’s boutique agencies, Designers & Partners. He worked in London for several years before moving to Reading where he was lead designer at the design agency Designation.com. He now leads on graphic design and brand development.

CONTACT DEREK IN READING: +44 7935 920377 or derek@connexxions.me

Jakob op den Brouw,

Digital / Video Technology Creative

Jacob has a cross-media capability. He designs and develops websites and web applications that are responsive and scalable across a spectrum of devices, screen sizes, platforms and orientations using a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images, and an intelligent use of CSS media queries. He has expertise in WordPress and Drupal.

Furthermore, he is an outstanding videographer with extensive experience in combining footage, dialogue, sound, graphics and special effects.

CONTACT JAKOB IN BRISTOL: +44 7804 706407 or jakob@connexxions.me

Adrian Haworth

Green & Energy Tech Strategist

Adrian is a marketing strategist with a track-record of successful programmes in engineering, innovation and green technology. His most recent project has been as board consultant and marketing director for startup Recycling Technologies. There, Adrian led the identification of key markets, aligned the company’s direction, defined its product and service offering, and implemented a tactical PR and profile building marketing communications strategy. Under his stewardship, the company has consistently exceeded its targets and is now a much talked about leading light company in the plastics recycling industry.

Prior to joining Connexxions, Adrian had a 33-year multi-functional career with GE Energy. Until his recent early retirement, he led marketing strategy, innovation and cross-border opportunities for the Europe and CIS regions. With deep experience in both international corporate and bootstrap startup environments, Adrian is what you might call a down-to-earth blue sky thinker. He has the unique ability to simultaneously see the global picture and understand the constraints and challenges of the here and now.

Working with the Connexxions’ team, Adrian offers pragmatic strategy advice coupled with marcoms and brand consultancy for businesses in the innovation sector.

CONTACT ADRIAN IN READING: +44 7500 907 333 or adrian@connexxions.me


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