Featured image for 3D model design and renders: Gazelle Wind Power
3D model design and rendersGazelle Wind Power
Featured image for 3D model animations: Gazelle Wind Power
3D model animationsGazelle Wind Power
Featured image for WindEurope campaign video: Gazelle Wind Power
WindEurope campaign videoGazelle Wind Power
Featured image for Corporate video series and campaign: Gazelle Wind Power
Corporate video series and campaignGazelle Wind Power
Featured image for SEEDRS Crowdfunding Campaign: Gazelle Wind Power
SEEDRS Crowdfunding CampaignGazelle Wind Power
Featured image for Crowdfunding campaign video: Recycling Technologies
Crowdfunding campaign videoRecycling Technologies
Corporate educational videoRETAL
Featured image for Marketing campaign and live event: Open Collab October 2023
Marketing campaign and live eventOpen Collab October 2023
Original music track and videoShe Wolves
Brand identity and logo designICCE
‘What if?’ campaign video seriesRecycling Technologies
Featured image for ‘What if?’ location video shoot: Recycling Technologies
‘What if?’ location video shootRecycling Technologies
Featured image for Promotional video & motion graphics: Gazelle Wind Power
Promotional video & motion graphicsGazelle Wind Power
Collaborative EP and behind-the-scenes video5 musicians, 1 poet
Featured image for Promotional showreel video: Sust! Health Retreats
Promotional showreel videoSust! Health Retreats
Featured image for Everything Beautify Has Edges: Music video production
Everything Beautify Has EdgesMusic video production
Corporate presentation motion graphics & videoNitech
Un Petite VoyagePre-war Bentley tour of New Zealand
Featured image for All Creatures Great and Small: Music video
All Creatures Great and SmallMusic video
Featured image for Promotional showreel documentary: Concours d’Elegance Swisse
Promotional showreel documentaryConcours d'Elegance Swisse
Featured image for Conference photography & documentary video: Psychiatric Annual Conference
Conference photography & documentary videoPsychiatric Annual Conference
Featured image for Birds: Music video
BirdsMusic video
Returning homeFor my brother, Luke
Featured image for Animated promotional video: We Are Charlie + Jake
Animated promotional videoWe Are Charlie + Jake