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The Brand
Creation Cycle

Strong brands improve sales 

Guides / Processes

The Brand Creation Cycle outlines the stages that businesses typically move through to successfully motivate consumers to start a meaningful relationship. 

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Our Mnemonic

The Connexxions philosophy

We've developed the mnemonic – M.A.G.I.C – to help highlight the five key attributes which great brands have in common.

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M.A.G.I.C origins

the story behind M.A.G.I.C

The Connexxions philosophy

Here, we share an insight into how the idea of M.A.G.I.C. was formalised in the first few months after we formed in 2009.

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The Creative

Discovery, Define, Design, Develop and Defend

Guides / Processes

We offer a range of services to support each stage along the brand development journey.

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Point of

Stand out FROM the crowd

Introduction and basics

In a crowded marketplace, products that stand out get noticed. Differentiation is the term given to the positive way in which a company's product differs from its competitors.

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Importance of Good BRANDING

Introduction and basics

Strategically, branding is at the very heart of your business, unconsciously impacting every conversation, interaction and opportunity every day.

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when should I invest in my website?

NOw! always ... 

Guides / Processes

Assuming you're forward looking, then now is the best time to consider investing time and effort in your website. 

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which website platform should I choose?

the best one ... :-/

Guides / Processes

An introduction to promoting your business online. The second of a two part presentation for the community at the Curious Lounge in Reading, UK. 

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Be the best
in the World

DefinING your world

Introduction and basics

There are now a million micro markets. You define the world you want to work in. Best is subjective and local.

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Briefing Guide

planning ahead

Guides / Processes

This page will help guide you through the process of how to brief the designer that is going to build your website. 

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What is

small word, big IMPACT

Definitions and meaning

For better or worse, your brand exists in the hearts and minds of anyone that comes into contact with you. So, what is 'brand'? 

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brand workshop

getting to the big idea

Branding a school

This article outlines the steps we took, working together with a group of ninety 11–15yr olds over a 10 month period, to define the school's brand – its big idea, point of difference, values and mission. This is a good read for anyone interested in understanding the early stages of  brand development.  

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shopfitting projects advice document

Where to begin?

From a design perspective, retail shopfitting projects have the following three phases: concept/moodboard, contract drawings and consultancy. You can see examples of our work for each stage in the document.

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